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Petar Fabijanić is the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Christian Center in Pula, Croatia. Peter has been in full-time ministry for over ten years. He started serving under the leadership of Pastor Damir Sicko Alic at Word of Life Christian Center in Zagreb, Croatia as an assistant pastor, leader of a home group and as the head of prison ministry. Petar came to Christ after a radical conversion experience at the age of 25. After four years of service in Zagreb, Peter felt it was time for him and his wife Kristina to start a church in the coastal city of Pula. They have been serving in this city for seven years. Their work is regional and encompasses the entire territory of the Istrian peninsula. They have begun ministries in the cities of Barban, Rovinj, as well as the city of Rijeka. Their church is a living, growing expression of Christianity that is on the cutting edge of God's work today. It is Peter's desire to see the New Testament, Apostolic church described in the second chapter of Acts renewed today; to see every believer trained, activated and released into God's destiny for their life. He burns with and walks in the anointing of a modern day revivalist. Petar has a specific mantle for impartation as well as healing. Peter and his wife Kristina have been married twenty five years and have three sons, Nathan, Jakob and Ian.


Coming together as a community strengthens and guides us in our daily life. For those who wish to join us, our congregation is always waiting with open hearts.

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Who are we? We are people who have met Jesus Christ! Jesus changed our lives. Some healed, some free, we are all touched by power of His grace. That is why we are gathered together to serve him, bearing witness to others about what happened to us. This page is just one of the ways in which we wish to testify. If you are interested, contact with us, or you just want to inform you about the spiritual events in Croatia, in the right place.We wanna see how God is moving powerfully among people in this generation!Instead of the spiritual desert making oasis of life!We are charismatic-Pentecostal church, which belongs to the Word of Life network of churches. Our church community in Pula, founded in 2006. The founder and head pastor Petar Fabijanić. We believe that God dwells in the praises of his people, and that is why we are worship, prayer and preaching of the word of God. We reckognize that those things preparing spiritual atmosphere in which it is normal for people to be healed, freed and encouraged. Come and visit us, experience Jesus!

Our services are simultaneously translated in English, and German. Our Sunday service starts at 10 am, and our Wednesday service at 7 pm. Our adress is Keršovanijeva 23, Pula

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